Arita porcelain Japanese Vase for Somenishiki Kujaku Botan Elegant and magnificent style made in Japan. Traditional handmade (Arita-yaki). Under the strict quality control system, every product is examined carefully.Buy Now (External links)
An artistic kaleidoscope brought to you from the famous Koransha Company. You will be moved emotionally by the Light, Space and Soothing Comfort. Beautiful silk like porcelain combined with the breath taking splendor of a kaleidoscope that brings you an ever changing beautiful universe. This piece of art, with its heart of infinite changing patterns, will bring you a therapeutic like tranquility, interweaving tradition and craftsmanship into utter magnificence. Be our guest and enjoy the intricate symphony of gorgeous patterns to your hearts content.Buy Now (External links)
Porcelain Picture
With a simple Moth Orchid pattern in Koransha's characteristic Royal Blue lapis lazuli this item is both elegant and modern. The orchids are vividly painted across the whole surface; a graceful design filled with Koransha's refined Japanese sensibility.Buy Now (External links)