The World Exposition Honorable Awards

There was porcelain that had made the journey across the sea from Japan.From the Meiji Era, beginning in 1868, to the early Showa period (beginning in 1912), Koransha creations sparkled in the First Prize and Grand Prix selections of international expositions the world over. We are pleased to introduce a new line of plates and bowls that are faithful to the awards and Koransha designs of the time.

1876 : Winner of Certificate of Merit, Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia

When Edison discovered the GramophoneThe Centennial International Exhibition was held in 1876 in Philadelphia in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the United States in 1776 (Meiji 9). The Meiji government submitted items to the exhibition to introduce Japan’s handicrafts to the world. Even as many were astounded by brand-new inventions like the typewriter and telephone, as well as the gramophone and incandescent light bulb, Koransha’s porcelain also received a certificate of merit.

1878 :Won the gold prize in Paris World Exposition

When Rodin completed The Thinker.

1888 :Won the gold medal in Barcelona World Exposition.

When the Eiffel Tower was established.

1909 :Won the grand prize in the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition.

When Robert Peary, American explore, reached the geographic North Pole.

1910 :Won the grand prize in the Japanese-English Exposition.

When Maeterlinck published The Bird.

1915 :Won the grand prize in the Panama Pacific Ocean Exposition.

The Panama canal was formally opened.

1930 :Won the grand prix in the Liege Exposition.

When the first TV commercial was on aired in Boston.